November 11, 2017

Saturday 9: Get Down Tonight

Hey everyone, I'm back after a two week break from the internet.  While I am back, I'm not exactly back. I am in fact, sitting in a hotel room in Erie, PA.  The hubby and I are enjoying a long weekend. I had 2 days off because of parent-teacher conferences and Veteran's Day so my hubby agreed to take a couple of vacation days with a minimal amount of arm-twisting.  He's zonked out for the night, but we've been having a wonderful time in spite of arctic cold and a bit of snow.

Anyway....on with the show.

I'm joining in with Sam and the gang at Saturday 9 for some musical fun. If you enjoy this week's tune be sure to stop over and let Sam know. You can even find the rules to join the fun and links to the other players.

Saturday 9: Get Down Tonight (1975)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) Tonight, KC has three things on his "to-do" list: do a little dance, make a little love and get down. Tell us three things you'd like to accomplish this weekend. Hmm...I've pretty much accomplished what I hoped to for the weekend and it's only Friday night. I'm on a little getaway and have spent 2 whole days with my hubby so far (!!!), I saw some of my cousins and we had dinner with them, we followed part of the wine trail and restocked our supply, we ate at my favorite diner, we enjoyed a fabulous dinner at a local Italian place, I found cute little booties with barely any heel, I found sexy knee-high black, leather Guess boots, and I picked up a few Christmas gifts.

2) This week's song is considered emblematic of disco, a genre that had as many detractors as fans. Is there a kind of music you simply cannot stand?
I'm not really a fan of pure, hardcore rap or any kind music that promotes/glorifies violence and hate.

3) Before becoming a musician, KC, aka Harry Casey, worked in a record store. In those days, record stores were very popular. Peaches, Coconuts, Sam Goody and Tower Records are four store chains that once dotted the landscape but now are gone. Today, if you wanted to purchase a CD, where would you turn? 
One of the big box stores like Walmart or Target or online from Amazon or something.

4) One of his duties at the record store was unloading the big corrugated shippers filled with LPs. What's the heaviest thing you've lifted lately?
I hefted my big dog into the tub last week. I think he weighs about 70 pounds.

5) KC is proud that he's lived his entire life in Miami-Dade County. Do you expect to change your address in the next year or so?
  Not unless I win the Powerball.

6) In 1975, the year this song was popular, former Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa disappeared, never to be seen again. Many theories flourish about what may have happened to him. Is there a famous criminal case that has a hold on your attention?
  No, I can't think of any. My husband loves watching the true crime shows. That's more than enough for me.

7) Jaws was the most popular movie of 1975. Are you afraid of sharks?
  Terrified and it's all because I nagged my mom until she gave in and took me to see Jaws. I haven't been in the ocean further than my ankles since.  And confession time....for months afterward I was scared to let a hand or foot hang over the edge of the bed for fear a shark would bite it off.

8) Actress Angelina Jolie was born in 1975. People magazine once named her "most beautiful." Who is the most beautiful woman you can think of?
  I've always thought Sandra Bullock is quite lovely and under rated.

9) Random question: A wizard offers you a choice -- would you like your life to stay as it is right now (in terms of your health, your career, your relationships and your finances) for the next 5 years, or would you like to take a chance that the future will be brighter?
  I would take a chance.

That's it for this week. Thanks for playing along. I'm going to say goodnight and call it a day.  It's late and we have a full day of antiquing our way back home tomorrow (and maybe a stop by our son's house to visit him and his family).


  1. ENVY! I wish I could carry off those new boots you just bought.

    What a compliment you just paid Steven Spielberg! That's the mark of great filmmaking, the way Jaws has stayed with you. (My confession: I still always think of Psycho whenever I pull the shower curtain shut.)

    1. I bet you could! A lot of people would probably say I can't, but I've lost some weight (need to lose more) and this is the first time in ages I've found boots that I like and make me feel confident.

      I bow to Spielberg as the king of my nightmares! He did a smashing job of traumatizing me.

  2. I have such wide ankles (not calves, mind you, but ankles) that finding boots is impossible!

    Enjoy your getaway! I've missed your weekend meme-ing. :)

    1. You might find that has changed these days. My daughter has inherited the very thick ankles all the women in my husband's family have and she has found that many wide calf boots will fit. Have you tried Woman Within or Roaman's? They both have nice selections of wide calf boots. If they don't work you can always send them back.

  3. You crack me up with the boots. I hope you enjoy them on your fun trip this weekend :)

  4. Hooray for your long weekend and all the things you have accomplished already! I enjoyed your answers!

    1. It was such a nice time. We really needed this little getaway.

  5. I'm glad you are enjoying your weekend away -and your shoe shopping and family gatherings. After that big wedding bash, you needed some away time.

  6. Sandra Bullock is underrated, you're right. She's fantastic in most of her movies. I especially love her in Practical Magic and The Blind Side.

    1. Love, love, love The Blind Side! I always say I want her to play me in the movie of my life. She can be just about any kind of character. My favorite of her movies will always be While You Were Sleeping. Bill Pullman. Swoon.


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