August 10, 2017

Fancy Duds, Summer Grub & Puppy Dogs

This week is just flying by!  As you can imagine, with our daughter's wedding only a little over a month away I am busy, busy, busy!  I wouldn't miss linking up with Rebecca Jo @ Knit By God's Hand for Thankful Thursday, though.

This week I am thankful....

* that I finally found a mother-of-the-bride dress online that I don't hate...and just might actually like.  Anyway, I've clicked the submit order button and sent my payment so the dress should arrive within a week.  What do you think?  It's navy blue even though it kind of looks black in the picture.

* for wonderfully cool nights (I've had to throw a blanket on the bed!) and perfect summer days with lots of sunshine, just right temperatures, and low humidity!

* for garden inspired summer meals.  Tonight's is stuffed peppers made in the slow cooker and fresh corn on the cob with vanilla ice cream topped with raspberries and blackberries for dessert.

* for the young man who chose to be a living liver donor and that the 27-year-old son of friends of ours was chosen to be the recipient.  He is currently still in surgery, but the news coming out from time to time has been good.  So many have been praying for this for so long.  He was born without ducts in his liver. Doctors created some and have done surgery several times over the years to keep his liver working.  Still there have been many, many times of sickness and fear.  Doctors predicted he would need a transplant before he was in his teens. He didn't have a good prognosis for living to adulthood.  He was put on the transplant (from someone who has died) about 6 years ago, but has never been sick enough to move above the halfway mark on the list.  Today's donor is a hero in my book.

* for health and happiness in my family.  We are blessed.

* for the boxes full of memories my mom dumped on me as she cleaned out her attic in search of the cake knife and server from our wedding to give our daughter to use at her wedding.  

Thanks to coming from a family of savers (as in my grandmother, my mom, and my aunts NEVER throw anything away), I now have 15 newspapers featuring my wedding write up, 100 embossed pink dinner napkins, 100 embossed gray cocktail napkins, at least 50 pink matchbooks embossed with our names and wedding date, a stack of wedding programs, all of the RSVPs, all the cards from my graduation, leftover graduation announcements, and all the cards I received for my 18th birthday.

* for good friends with lots of talent and a willingness to help us make wedding bouquets and decorations for the wedding.  Tomorrow we are getting together and going at them assembly line style!

* that the dogs (even the nervous, high-strung poodle) are very gentle and very patient with our baby boy and he adores them...getting more excited about seeing them than anything.

* and as always, I am thankful for each of you!


  1. Thankful for you too! I LOVE the dress you found and it looks like a lovely navy blue here on my computer. Can't wait to see you in it, so keep us posted!

    1. Aww...Nice to hear someone who dresses up more than me (which is anyone who does so at all) thinks it looks good. You always look lovely in the pictures you share from the big to-dos at the museum. I promise there will be plenty of wedding pictures!

  2. I love that dress. Very pretty. Your dinner sounds very good.

    1. Thank you! The dinner was good. I'm going to have to share the recipe for the slow cooker stuffed peppers. I've made them before using other recipes and they were just okay. These were very, very good.

  3. Such a pretty dress, you'll look great!! I enjoyed reading about all your "thankfuls."

  4. I love the full skirt on that dress ... rock it, girl!

    Prayers for your friends' son's total recovery!

    1. I'll give it my best shot! LOL
      Thank you for the prayers. The last update I had heard...all had gone well, the little piece of donated liver was already making bile, and he was in ICU. The breathing tube was to come out some time over night and then they'd start weaning him off the sedation.

  5. My mom is such a saver & I love the things she has kept for memory's sake... though my dad & Brother are constantly trying to throw things out - which I think they threw out my wedding dress. UGHHH....

    I love that MOB dress!!! I think that will love to pretty on you!!!


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