August 28, 2017

Back to School & Back to Work!

Just a quick check-in. Today is the first day of school so I am back to work. Yaaaay.....I mean, YAY!!!!!

Everything went so smoothly this morning, I'm kind of worried about how this afternoon will go. Ha! Actually, it's been great. One problem kid moved away, a couple moved up from elementary to middle school which changed the dynamics of the bus (for the better), and one whole family of sweet (but rather boisterous girls) seems to have moved away, and several high school kids are now driving. I only have 24 kids on the high school bus (that's ALL of them even if no one drives themselves) and 21 on the elementary bus.  Not too bad at all.

My vo-tech run has changed this year. There is a student in a wheel chair going so the school did away with one big bus and contracted for a mini-bus with a wheelchair lift.  There's no possible way for me to switch buses and take the kids to vo-tech then switch back and do my elementary run on time, so someone else has to take them. I stick around the garage after the morning runs and go get them with the mini-bus when it's time.  It's a pain and I'm not thrilled with the way it chops up my day, but if I do this then if they ever put another big bus back on the vo-tech run, it's automatically mine. If I don't do this, then the next full run would go up for bid.

We ushered summer out with a quiet day at home yesterday.  My hubby built the bar for our daughter's wedding (she wanted one made from pallets). Our daughter and future son-in-law came over to help in the afternoon and I got to watch the boy!

The front of the bar. It's going to be stained a darker color
and will be decorated with white lights and autumn leaves.

The back side has a shelf (will be getting a rail on the shelf)
to sit bottles on and enough room for the bartender and
the groom's parents' Kegerator.

Riding Nanny's goat.

And now it's, unfortunately, time to head back to work for the afternoon. Have a great week!


  1. Hope your school year is smooth & full of good weather!

    That bar is AWESOME!!! Where is it going after the wedding?

    1. Thank you! If my stepdad will allow it, she wants to store the bar in his barn or garage until they move somewhere they can have it.

  2. The bar looks great, yes ... but Colton and the goat? Oh, my!
    For some reason I got the giggles, imagining this picture included in the slide show at HIS wedding someday.

    1. Thank you, and goodness but there will be so many pictures to choose from for that slide show. Between his mama and me we could probably post pictures to the moon and he isn't even a year old. He's just so darn photogenic!

  3. The bar looks really great! Good job! Speaking of job...glad the dynamics have changed in a good way on your bus runs. Hope it stays that way for you!!

    1. Thank you! I hope it stays this way for a good long time...or at least until another job turns up.


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