June 22, 2017

Friends, Gardens, Smiles & Rainbows

Good morning! I got to sleep in a bit so I'm a little later getting to this today. It's not as sunny here as it has been and there is a promise of rain later, I believe, but it's still in the 70s and expected to get into the low 80s this afternoon, so.....perfect summer weather!

I'm expecting to hear the Blue Angels flying overhead later today as the local airport is hosting an airshow this weekend.  They usually practice for a couple of days ahead and our house sits under the approach path so we get a pretty good show for free.  Not that the dogs are fans of those loud engines.

Nothing else that's exciting going on today.  I'm staying home and getting some work done.  Our son and his family are coming to visit this weekend since they couldn't be here for Father's Day (our granddaughter came down with Hand, Foot & Mouth).  That means our daughter's crew and my mom and stepdad will be here for a cookout, as well.

The clock is ticking so let's get this show on the road.  As always, I am joining in with Rebecca Jo @ Knit By God's Hand and the rest of the lovely ladies who play along for Thankful Thursday.

This week I am thankful....

  • for a very nice visit with family and my mom's best friend (since jr. high and they are 73 now!) on Father's Day.
  • for a friend who will drop everything to make a 2 hour drive (one way) with me when I have to take my husband the cell phone he forgot and needs very much.  We delivered the phone and made a day out of it, having lunch at a wonderful Chinese buffet and doing some looking around for wedding ideas (this friend is doing all the flowers).
  • for the raised garden beds my husband built for me this year.  They make it so much easier to take care of the plants....less bending to weed and we don't have to mess with fencing to keep the bunnies out.  Oh my, they are loving all this rain we've had and the perfect temperatures.  They've really taken off this past week.  Just look....

From front to back this one contains cucumbers,
watermelon, zucchini, yellow squash, bush beans,
Better Boy tomatoes, and heirloom Golden Jubilee tomatoes.

This bed was planted a week after the other so that's why it isn't quite
as lush yet.  It contains cucumber, zucchini, bush beans, cantaloupe,
onions, green peppers, yellow peppers, red peppers, sweet banana
peppers, Golden Jubilee and Better Boy tomatoes, yellow pear
tomatoes (a cherry variety), black cherry tomatoes (cherry variety),
sweet basil, purple basil, and rosemary.
  • for the unbelievable joy and light Colton brings to the world.  I really have never seen such a happy baby.  He gives these amazing smiles to everyone and it's funny, but he seems to know who really needs to be on the receiving end (like my mom's friend who is still grieving the loss of her daughter or our neighbor who recently lost her husband) and turns it on full power...just showering them with all the love in his little heart.  It is so awesome to watch.

  • that some wedding stuff is coming together and the rest is at least firming up in our minds so we know what we have to get and what we have to do.
  • for the sounds of summer...the concert of birds early in the morning, the buzz of lawnmowers, the whir of a bicycle flying by, rain on the roof....
  • for plenty of light, fun, summer fiction stacked up and ready to be read thanks to the library's used book sale.  I've read one already and am working on the second.
  • for the rainbow in yesterday's sky.
  • for all of you!
Have a blessed day!


  1. Oh my gosh - that pic of Colton made MY morning better. All the smiles.
    I love you made a long trip for cell phone delivery into a fun girls trip. Finding & making your JOY. Love it!!!

    1. I know right?!? There was a local band that had a big hit back in the 80's called Vitamin L (Love). I always think that's what Colton gives. No matter what my mood, one of his smiles and I'm instantly better. :)

  2. I'm moving soon and plan on having some raised garden beds built. I can't wait to start growing my own vegetables!

    I love taking day trips, and Chinese buffets :)

    The photo of Colton made me lol, literally! He's adorable!

    1. We've had regular gardens, I've grown in pots on the deck, and we even tried straw bale gardening...so far I am liking this the best. The pots were good, but took up half the deck! I'm just hoping they continue to do well throughout the season.

      I'm glad C gave you a laugh.

  3. Your Colton is so adorable! I love that picture. Glad to hear things are coming together for your daughter's wedding.

    1. Thank you! I am feeling like I can finally breathe where the wedding is concerned (mostly because the bride is starting to relax a bit).

  4. I'm so envious of your weather ... and the BLUE ANGELS ... AND the gardens? I've never planted anything in my life. But, it's on my list!

    1. It has been nice, but today (Friday) we may see as much as 3 inches of rain! The Blue Angels are awesome and come nearly every year to the air show. I got to meet the team back in the day when I was in Civil Air Patrol. Go for it with gardening! If you don't have the right soil and what not, you can try growing in containers on your porch, deck or patio. I've had a fair amount of success with that in the past.

  5. We had a heatwave here in Belgium it was awful ! Nobody has air conditioning, never had such a hot weather ! our grass is yellow and not so green as yours !

    1. Oh my, I can't imagine even though our summers get hotter than they used to and it gets hot earlier in the season, too. We are so spoiled here in the States. Everybody has air conditioning and it's on all summer long!


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