April 19, 2017

I Want to Fly Like the Hodgepodge

1. Tell us about a time you felt like you were 'flying by the seat of your pants'. Oh, gosh...I'd have to say that was just about any time when I used to be in charge of the youth at a church we attended.  I could plan something backward, forward, inside out, upside down, and sideways and it might still totally bomb out with the teens and I'd have to just work with what I was getting from them.  We'd often end up going in a complete opposite direction from what I had planned...and often those were the best sessions.  Nothing like a bunch of teenagers to keep you on your toes.  And humble.

2.  When or where would you most like to be 'a fly on the wall'?  In the Oval Office.  Or maybe at Bill and Hillary's dinner table...I bet some really interesting discussions go on there!

3. 'Happiness is like a butterfly: the more you chase it, the more it will elude you, but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder.'-Henry David Thoreau 

Would you agree? Why or why not?
 I don't know.  Happiness is such a fickle, fleeting thing that is dependent on so much.  I tend not to pursue it, but rather just enjoy it when it comes.  I'd much rather have joy which is rooted in the Lord and not dependent on circumstances at all.

4. Share a favorite movie, book, or song with flying in it's title, lyrics, or theme somewhere.  I couldn't think of a book, but for movies I came up with a couple: Airplane!, Top Gun, and Con Air.  For music, I've got:


5. What is one task or chore you tend to do 'on the fly'? Is this something that really needs to be done another way?  Sadly, it's often cooking.  I like to cook and I can be good at it, but during the school year when I get up at 3:45 and my day doesn't end until I get home at 5:30 in the afternoon...dinner often ends up being something I threw together on the spur of the moment.  I keep vowing to put my slow cooker to better use, but it's hit or miss depending on how much time and energy I have.

6. What was happening the last time you thought to yourself or said aloud, 'Wow, time flies when you're having fun', and you meant it.  I don't know.  I typically only think or say that in a sarcastic way when time is really dragging. Maybe when we took the grandkids to the science center back in February? That day was lots of fun and it flew by!

7. This Thursday is National Garlic Day. Will you add garlic to your menu on Thursday? Do you like garlic? What's your favorite dish made with garlic? Will I add garlic?  Ha!  I already add garlic to pretty much everything I cook.  You are talking to the "Queen" of garlic.  No vampires are hanging around here.  There is no such thing as too much garlic!  My favorite garlicky dish at the moment is my homemade hummus.  Yum!

8. Insert your own random thought here.  There are only 26 more days of school!  

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  1. Wow-that's a long workday. I bet by Friday you're pooped! I know people who put the food in their crock pot the night before, then just have to plug it in in the morning. Course I'd probably forget : ) but it might work for you. Have a great Wednesday! Cheers to 26 days!

    1. It is a long day, but at least I have about 2 hours at home for lunch in the middle. It's just that there's so much to get done in that time. I'm afraid I'd forget to turn the crock pot on if I did that, too.

  2. LOL-ing about being a fly at the Clinton residence. 'Suppose they even speak to one another?

    I totally agree, there's no such thing as 'too much' garlic.

    1. I have a feeling they argue more than anything.

      If we ever eat dinner together we'll have to bring lots of mints for after. LOL

  3. I'm not a big fan of garlic. Well, actually it's more that garlic is not a fan of me. lol You sure do have a long work day. I couldn't even imagine that.

  4. I love seeing how many people love garlic! Glad I'm not alone in the world! LOL I sure enjoyed reading your Hodgepodge answers!

    1. It's good there are so many of us so we're not offending each other! LOL

  5. I'm right there with you on #3; so thankful for lasting joy over temporary happiness!


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