March 5, 2017

Sunday Stealing: The Questions of Age

We found this gem  from a blog named A Striped Armchair. Eva is the name of its author who at the age of 20 in 2007, she started the blog to explore and write about her love of books. She shares this about herself, “My perfect afternoon is spent in my armchair with a fat bookmy rescue mutt Thistle curled up in my lap, and huge mug of tea nearby.” Like so many blogs and their authors, Eva’s last entry was in September of 2015. We’ve discussed the about of blogs that we find no longer active in this space a great deal....For today’s event, Eva was tagged for these questions by her friend Emily. And that is as far as we will go. We hope you will enjoy today’s post!

Cheers to all of us thieves! 

Editor's Note: Today our questions have a different format. This is not a “fill-out-the-blank” exercise. Rather, we’d ask that you to “finish the paragraph”. As always, we are trying to learn more about you, our friend. 

Sunday Stealing: The Questions of Age

1. By a certain age, women should...know how to support and take care of themselves even if there is no man in the picture.

2. By a certain age men, should...take responsibility for their own actions and stop acting like children.

3. When I was young I thought by now I would...when I was young I never thought about being in my 50s.  That seemed so OLD!!!

4. Now that I am older I wish...I had been financially smarter when I was younger.

5. You know that you are too old to do an activity when...the day after you wake up feeling like you have a monster hangover and have been run over by a truck.  Of course, some days just watching TV can leave you feeling like that.  So maybe just go with when you think something's stupid or pointless.

6. You know you are too young to do an activity have zero knowledge about what you are about to do.  Unfortunately, no one knows learns this until they are older and have done a lot of stupid stuff along the way.

7. When I was in high school I listened to the music of...Journey, the Eagles, Joan Jett, REO Speedwagon, Bee Gees, Styx, Tom Petty, Queen, John Cougar, Steve Miller, Kenny Rogers, Van Halen. I could go on and on.

8. When I was in college (or the next four years after high school) I listened to the music of...Billy Idol, Adam Ant, the Doors, Stevie Nicks, John Cougar Mellancamp, Stray Cats, Michael Jackson, Culture Club, Prince, The Clash, The Kinks, Phil Collins, Bruce Springsteen, Cyndi Lauper, Madonna...

9. These days, at my age I find myself listening music of...pretty much the music of my youth and contemporary Christian musicians.

10. For my last birthday I...didn't do anything special, 52 just isn't a milestone birthday that requires a celebration.

11. On my next birthday I want to...just enjoy a nice day with family. I know I won't be doing anything "big" as all spare money this year is being channeled into our daughter's September wedding.

12. The best birthday present I ever got was...a whitee and lime green Schwinn bike with tall handlebars and a sparkly banana seat. I have searched and searched online for a picture of it, but I've never seen one like it.

13. The first time I felt that I was an adult was when...I got married.  I was only 20 so I hadn't had much chance to be adult before that.

14. The last time I felt like I was still a kid was when...I was with my mother, I'm sure.  It's funny how quickly we can fall back into old roles when we're with family.

15. I would sum up 2016 by saying...I'm not going to miss it.

16. I hope I will sum up 2017 by saying in was a great year filled with love and blessings.

17. So far in terms of age, I feel my first big milestone was...getting married at 20.  Being already married and living in a state where, at the time, the legal drinking age was 19 or 20, made turning 21 anti-climatic.

18. As I look forward to the rest of my life’s journey, I feel my biggest milestone of my life will be...I have no idea, but I'm at the point of life where things like health, old-age/retirement, and aging parents are all there hovering in the background.

19. By the time I was the age I am now I am surprised that I haven’t yet...become an antiques dealer.  I love the hunt for treasure and I often think about it, but I've never gone ahead with it.

20. By the time I am 65, I hope that I have...lived a life that is pleasing to God and that I am content and enjoying it. I hope I am blessing others as God blesses me.


  1. I think that being an antiques dealer would be really fun.

  2. I love the Antiques Road Show but that's as far and as deep as my interest in antiques goes. Which is probably sad for a history teacher.

    1. It's in my blood. My grandfather was a "picker" before it had a name. When he died we had three days of auctions to sell off all the stuff he had stored to sell.

  3. Most of the antique show dealers who set up booths out here go back to the Midwest to load up on deals before the season. You are perfectly situated to trump them!
    Cindi Lauper is one of my favorite singers. She sang "Time after Time", which is probably my most beloved song of all.

    1. I am so wanting to go on one of the several-hundred-miles-long yard sales one of these summers. I have a friend who has an antique mall where dealers can just rent a space rather than have a shop. Maybe I will get to that one day.

      I love Cindi..."Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" was kind of the anthem of my sorority pledge class.

  4. I remember when I thought me at 50 was *impossible*! Now I've got 50 in the rearview mirror.

    1. I hear that! I remember thinking about the year 2000 and the fact that I'd be the ancient age of 36. Geez...I'd like to be that ancient again. LOL

  5. Didn't realize we both married at 20. So young.

    1. Yes, the list of what I didn't know about life was much, much longer than the list of what I did know.

  6. My parents were too cheap to buy me that ultimate Schwinn banana seat bike. All I got was the greenstamp version. lol :)

    1. I got it the year they threw me a big birthday party in the and only one of those I ever had. I'm guessing I got the really good bike to impress the neighbors.


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